pawn or sell your gold today! sell gold in Greensboro!

gold jewelry on top of cash

gold jewelry on top of cash


 Imagine all week everything going well until you get that unexpected expense that needs to be taking care of that day. Sunday the banks are closed and you have no one to ask. NO WORRIES! Stop in and sell your gold on Sunday. We are the only shop offering this service in Greensboro NC. We make it easy for you to sell gold ANY day of the week. 


Here at Gold Exchange and Pawn we understand that sometimes an unexpected bill comes up and you're just simply short on cash. If you take a moment to think about that old broken necklace, bracelet, or ring that has been sitting around in the drawer you will soon realize that may be enough to cover your entire temporary setback. We accept any form of precious metal whether it's broken, beaten, run over or simply ugly. Stop at our Pawn shop first and we promise to give you the up most best customer service and more importantly the most CASH for your Gold, Silver and Diamonds possible. 

Highest Spot Price Rate GOLD!

At Gold Exchange and pawn we guarantee the very best rate possible when selling your scrap jewelry. Most shops will try to give you less than 50% of the value of gold. Don't be fooled, stop by and see us today!


 Most Pawn Shops will only try to pay you for your gold content but forget about the diamonds in the piece of jewelry! We carefully look at the diamonds you have in your rings and bracelets to give you a fair price on your jewelry. If you popped out your diamonds already just bring them in and we will give you an offer on them as a whole.